Norwegian Language and Culture

Norsk Spraak3

Study Norwegian language and culture in a genuine environment and make friends from all over the world. In Rønningen you combine Norwegian studies with specialisation in one of the school’s other fields. This gives you the opportunity to study Norwegian language alongside immersion into one of your other fields of interest and to practice your Norwegian skills in everyday life. Studying and living together with youth from all over Norway and all parts of the world is a perfect environment in which to deepen your knowledge about Norwegian language, Norwegian culture, intercultural understanding – and yourself.  As our school is the only folkehøgskole situated in Oslo you have a unique chance to explore the capital city of Norway and all the opportunities this city can offer.

  • 300 hour Norwegian course
  • Practicing your Norwegian while attending classes in art, music, dance, photography, sports or social science with Norwegian peers
  • Educational trip to Vestlandet and Bergen


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(It is possible to turn on English subtitles in the video)




Through this 300 hour course you will have the basic Norwegian language and cultural skills to be able to participate in our regular programs.



  • Norwegian language course
  • Introduction to Norwegian
    culture, history and way of life
  • Intercultural communication and understanding in a global world.

I have learnt enough to function in an Norwegian environment!

Stefan is from Slovakia and Malwinder is from India. They are both Bachelor of arts and enjoy staying at Rønningen.

«I wanted to travel to Norway and experience Norwegian culture and learn Norwegian language. It is fun to try to live far away from my parents, together with new friends in the boarding house», says Stefan. «Norwegian language and culture is very exciting. We learn both Norwegian and different facts about the Norwegian society. I find it very exciting to visit different institutions and organizations. For example, we have visited a Norwegian kindergarten, a school and an institution for old people. In addition it is very interesting to exchange cultural experiences with the students from the entire world, and be a part of multicultural environment. I have also learnt enough Norwegian to function in an Norwegian environment. I can highly recommend Rønningen. Here you will learn Norwegian and meet very nice people. You will really get memories for the rest of your life.»

«The Norwegian language is rare in India, and I wanted to learn it», continues Malwinder. «Every day in class is different. The atmosphere is very friendly. We have a very good teacher, and we are making progress in Norwegian every day. In addition, it is really interesting to experience Norwegian culture and society: each week we visit a new enterprise. It was very interesting to see how Norwegians take care of the old people in an institution. I can absolutely recommend to attend Norwegian language and culture at Rønningen. Here you will find an cooperative administration, a good atmosphere, many exciting activities for students, and a good Norwegian teacher who does everything so that we will learn Norwegian».

Stefan and Malwinder